Our secluded facility offers relaxed spaces and rooms to create music in.  Pulse River Studio utilizes excellent, world class pre-amps for your projects, but most importantly the experience of our engineers can capture your art, your craft, your passion without you having to worry about any technical aspects.  We capture your sound right, the first time.



Mixing is the second phase and equally important part of your recording experience. After all your tracks are recorded, whether at Pulse River, another studio, or your home work station, we have the sonic tools — and most importantly — experience, to help shape all the parts into a smooth, detailed mix.

Our Pro Tools HDX system allows for the utilization of a huge amount of plugins across the mixing board, giving you the high quality sounds you're looking for.



Pulse River Studio can handle your project from A to Z.....or we can handle just the "Z" if that's all you need!

Mastering at Pulse River Studio will balance the levels of all your tracks to an equal listening platform, making your project into a smooth, cohesive album.  

Our seasoned engineers know how to analyze and fix troubling frequencies so your project will truly have a pristine and polished, professional sound.  Pulse River can add that final shimmer to your mix, subdue those frequencies that are too brittle on the ears, fix low end rumble, or add just the right amount of low end so your material has a full, thick sound, without being muddy or damaging to smaller playback systems.

The final process of mastering at Pulse River Studio consists of increasing the volume level of your whole project so it has a natural sound with the power of a competitive commercial release.  All masters are properly dithered and burned with Red Book compliant PQ subcodes.


Vinyl Conversion

Convert your priceless vinyl records to CD at Pulse River Studio.  

We can properly transfer 33 and 1/3, 45's, and 78 rpm records to a digital file, clean up most clicks and pops, and convert it to a CD.

Pulse River can also handle cassette transfers with the same restoration process


Audio Restoration

Restoring audio is not an easy task, and should be performed by a trained professional.  Pulse River Studio has the tools and experience to remove unwanted clicks, pops, noise and hum from a poorly documented, or a well worn source of audio.

Whether you have forensic audio that needs to be cleaned up, or you simply have an old, priceless recording of a relatives that you want to have converted, Pulse River Studio can tackle the job.


CD/DVD Duplication

We have everything you need to release a professionally made CD or DVD. Our automated system duplicates and prints directly on the disc at the same time, so you'll be certain to get your finished work as quickly as possible.

Pro Tools Training

Have a Pro Tools system but don't want to spend years learning all the parameters?

We can do on and off site training of the worlds leading audio software, Pro Tools.  With years of experience using the program, our engineers can start training you on the basics through more advanced uses of this amazing recording software.

Contact us to learn more.


Custom Advertising Music

Need a new advertising song for your business? Pulse River Studio has created several compositions over the years.  Our experienced song writers can craft ideas in any musical genre with a current sounding vibe to help you win over customers through your radio, tv, and web advertising.

Contact us to discuss what you're looking to achieve.


Online Production

Have a song that you've created that could use a little more... kapow!?! We know that struggle of creating a great new masterpiece yet knowing it's just not quite right yet. We're professional musicians and published songwriters too!  Sometimes it's helpful to have an objective ear constructively critique your work, so it can be enhanced, and lifted to a better quality.

Send us a demo copy of the song you're working on, as complete as you can, and we can help guide it to make the most of it's full potential.  Pulse River's producers/songwriters can help with lyric issues, instrumentation, structure and performance suggestions, while you maintain full rights to your song.  

Contact us to discuss your project!.

Full Production Demos for Songwriters

This is a service for songwriters looking for a full band production for their own solo project or to create a full polished demo for pitching your music to publishers and major recording artists. (The pitching is up to you, but we will help craft your music so you can hand it off with confidence.)

We can put together a band of musicians in your genre, specific to your needs, and deliver a current sound with seasoned pros. Your back up band will sound as if you've played with them for years. If you need vocalists to deliver your music, we have a line up of great singers as well.  

Interested? Let's talk.